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All about Custard Apple


Many types of fruits are found around us, of which Sitaphal is also prominent. Consumption of custard apple can improve to some extent the many flaws in a person’s physical health, but it is not an accurate treatment of the health problems reported in the article.

Yes, it can definitely save you from getting sick. This article is about the possible health benefits of Sitaphal. Apart from the benefits of eating Sitaphal, it also has some disadvantages. In this article, along with the benefits of eating custard apple, you will also be informed about the disadvantages of eating custard apple.

What is Custard Apple

Custard apple is a delicious fruit, which is easily found in a fruit shop. Its outer skin is green, covering the pulp inside the fruit like a cover. Sitaphal is also known as Sugar Apple and custard apple. Its scientific name is (Annona squamosa). When this fruit is ripe, it is used for eating.

Benefits of Custard Apple

1. For healthy weight

If someone is upset with their weight, custard apple can help in this situation. Actually, one reason for being underweight is that the body consumes more energy than it receives. At the same time, custard apple can be used as a fruit with a better energy source, which can help in weight gain. Keep in mind that along with custard apple, it is also important to pay attention to other diet and regular exercise.

2. For asthma

Asthma is a medical condition that occurs due to inflammation. Here the use of custard apple can provide some relief. It is a fruit with excellent anti-inflammatory properties. According to a scientific study, anti-inflammatory action may help reduce the risk of asthma. For this, extracts of custard apple can be consumed.

3. To prevent the risk of heart attack

Custard apple can also be used to reduce the risk of a heart attack. Actually, a sufficient amount of Vitamin-B6 is found in custard apple. Vitamin-B6 intake may reduce the risk of heart disease, according to medical research. It also includes a heart attack.

4. For digestive health

If someone wants to keep the digestive process better, then custard apple can work in this situation too. The benefits of eating custard apple include fiber replenishment. At the same time, the supply of fiber also improves the digestion of the body and at the same time, it also relieves people from the problem of constipation.

5. In the treatment of diabetes

The benefits of custard apple can be used in the case of diabetes. Actually, custard apple has anti-diabetic properties. It improves blood glucose levels and can also act effectively in preventing various risks responsible for diabetes. For this, the smoothness of the pulp of custard apple can be consumed. custard apple in diabetes can reduce symptoms, not cure. A doctor’s advice is necessary for better treatment.

6. To reduce blood pressure

Custard apple can also be used to maintain blood pressure normal. custard apple contains some amount of magnesium. If someone has a high blood pressure problem, he can be cured to some extent through the intake of magnesium present in custard apple. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke due to high blood pressure.

7. Reduce cholesterol

If the level of cholesterol increases unnecessarily, it can be harmful to health. custard apple can be used to keep cholesterol levels balanced. Actually, the amount of niacin vitamin is found in it.

Niacin vitamin intake can help people in balancing cholesterol levels and protecting people from heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from cholesterol problems, then get medical treatment along with home remedies.

8. To cure anemia

The benefits of eating a custard apple can also be seen to avoid anemia. Anemia is a medical condition in which there is a lack of red blood cells in the body. In such a situation, there is difficulty in reaching a sufficient amount of oxygen with blood in all parts of a person’s body.

At the same time, iron and folate are also found sufficient in custard apple and iron and folate are most needed in anemia. Thus, some symptoms of anemia can be reduced with the use of custard apple. At the same time, if you are healthy, then you can avoid anemia.

9. Consumption of custard apple in pregnancy

In the case of pregnancy also, the benefits of the nutrient present in custard apple can be seen. Actually, iron and folate are found in custard apple. These nutrients help prevent anemia in pregnancy and protect the mother from (neural tube defects) (birth defects in the children’s spine and brain). However, before taking custard apple in pregnancy, please take the advice of a doctor, because there is not yet enough scientific evidence about its intake in pregnancy.

10. For healthy skin and hair

The use of custard apple can also be used to improve the skin. Vitamin-C is found in custard apple. Vitamin-C can help protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, custard apple contains nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium, which can be beneficial for hair. It is better that you use it only on the advice of a dermatologist.

11. For eyesight

Consumption of custard apple is very beneficial for the eyes because due to vitamin A, vitamin C, and essential riboflavin available in it, it balances and enhances the eyesight. Apart from this, it also provides protection from many diseases of the eyes.

12. Mental anxiety

The neuronal elements available in custard apple provide relief to mental cells. It is a panacea for stress, depression, and mental discomfort.

Custard Apple Nutritional Value

      Nutritious ingredientsQuantity per 100 grams
        Water  73.23g
        Energy  94kcal
        Energy   393kj
        Protein   2.06g
        Total lipid   0.29g
        Ash   0.78g
      Carbohydrate   23.64g
      Fiber, total dietary   4.4g
      Calcium   24mg
      Iron   0.6mg
      Magnesium   21mg
      Phosphorus   32mg
      Potassium   247mg
      Sodium   9mg
      Zinc   0.1mg
      Copper   0.086mg
      Selenium   0.6μg
      Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid   36.3mg
      Thiamin   0.11mg
      Riboflavin   0.113mg
      Niacin   0.883mg
      Pantothenic acid   0.226mg
      Vitamin B6   0.2mg
      Folate (Total, DFE, food)   14μg
      Vitamin A, IU  6IU
      Fatty acid total, saturated   0.048g
      Fatty acid, total monounsaturated  0.114g
      Fatty acid, total polyunsaturated  0.04g
      Tryptofan   0.01g
      Lysine   0.005g
      Methionine  0.007g


How to Use Custard Apple

  • Custard apple extracts can be consumed.


  • By extracting the seeds from the pulp of the custard apple, it can be made a smoothie.


  • Custard apple vegetable can be prepared and eaten.


  • You can also consume custard apple through milkshake.

Side Effects of Custard Apple

There are no specific side effects of custard apple and research in this regard has also reduced. According to the information available so far, eating more quantity of custard apple can cause the following types of damage.

  • Custard apple is found insufficient amounts of magnesium, which can cause nausea and stomach pain.


  • While eating custard apple, take out its seeds, otherwise, it can get stuck in the throat, which can also suffocate.


Before consuming custard apple, make sure that it is not infected by birds or any insect. Consumption of custard apple is not a strong cure for the health problem described above, rather it can help to cure it and reduce its risk. People can use the method mentioned above to include custard apple in their diet. If you have any questions related to the benefits or consumption of custard apple, then please reach out to us through the comment box given below. Also, if someone is undergoing treatment for a serious illness, then in that case, please consult the doctor once before consuming it.


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