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Carrot Nutrition and Benefits of Carrot


To live life, it is very important for the body to be healthy. To be healthy, it is very important to have a balance or quantity of everything in the body. Everything in life is very useful.

Benefits and uses of eating carrots.

Carrot is one of the most useful vegetables. What was found in earlier times, especially in the winter season, but with changing times, has now become one of the perennial vegetables?

Carrot pudding is also very beneficial. Carrot by itself is a multi-vegetable vegetable, which has proved beneficial for many parts of the body. With this, carrots have also been proved as a panacea in many diseases.

Carrot Calorie Chart.

In this world of Bhagam Bhag, every person walks somewhere with a calculator which is very important for the body. Doctors also first prepare a calorie chart, so that the physical balance remains equal.

There is neither shortage nor excess of anything. Similarly, the carrot calorie chart is given below.

Carrot Quantity: 100 grams.


Protein10 gm
Water4.7 gm
Total calories40
Total carbohydrate12 g
Sugar4. 5 g
Total fat49 g
Vitamins A330 %
Vitamins C10 %
Vitamins B66 %
Calcium5 %
Iron2 %
Magnesium5 %
Phosphorus1 %


Carrot health benefits.

One of the most valuable and useful vegetables is carrots. Which can be avoided in many ways, using many diseases.

  • Blood pressure- Patients with blood pressure should include carrots in their daily routine. Take two carrots daily before meals.


  • Cholesterol – Cholesterol problem occurs in everyone’s body after an age, especially the person who is overweight. Which further takes the form of serious illness, for which carrot juice should be consumed instead of the evening meal.


  • Cancer – One of the biggest problems is cancer. Beta-carotene reduces the risk of cancer. Inside the carrot, there is a good amount of beta-carotene, which can also fight cancer-related problems.


  • Digestion – Digestion is not less than any disease. Imbalance of digestion can also cause many diseases in the body and, correct digestion can also eliminate the disease of the body. Consumption of carrot juice on an empty stomach in the morning eliminates problems such as stomach and digestion.


  • Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease that can happen to people of all ages. For this, the maximum intake of salads and ayurvedic food will be under diabetes control.


  • For skin and eyes – Carrots contain many vitamins, which are very beneficial by consumption. Both enhance the light of the eyes and maintain the brightness of the skin.


  • Two to three carrots should be consumed every day, in some form or the other, especially the youth.


Carrot uses for skin, hair, and health.

  • By removing a glass of carrot juice, taking it on an empty stomach in the morning, the problem related to digestion is overcome, and weight is reduced.


  • Boil half a carrot, two tomatoes, two pieces of beetroot, and make soup in the evening. This increases the light of the eyes.


  • Grate half of the carrots and take out the juice, add a teaspoon of pulp to that juice, add a little milk, and wash it on the face for 15-20 minutes.


  • Mix four spoons of carrot juice, a pinch of cinnamon powder, and half a teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face for 10 minutes.


  • Carrots can be mixed with four to five teaspoons of juice, two teaspoons gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, and if you want yogurt, use it two to three times a week.


  • Half an hour before meals, take a carrot in any form, in a salad, which has proved beneficial for many diseases.


If seen, there are many other ways to use carrots, but, in a limited quantity and only on the advice of your doctor, you can consume it.

The carrot should be given to children in some form, whether in juice, salad, cake, pudding, or any other dish, but it is definitely a mus.



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